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The Walk

We Walked Away

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We Walked Away by The Walk



We Walked Away

Lyrics: Eric Bailey
Music: Marc
Guitar: lead: Greg Petroff
Vocals: Eric Bailey & Tina Allen

I was hurting you
and you were hurting me,
the pain that we caused
was hidden so deep.
The damage was done
before we knew,
you thought it was me
and i thought it was you.

The love that we had
was now but all gone,
fussing and fighting
from dusk until dawn.
We show our anger
as we hide our fear,
just staring at each other
holding back the tears.

How did this happen
and how can this be,
we were both too blind to see.
Time has now passed
and our time is through,
I just want you to know
that I still love you.

Today is the day
that we walked away
I don't want you to see
the pain inside me.

©2004 The Walk