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Marc Bailey - Drums/Vocals

Black Sabbath
David Lee Roth
Dream Theater
Andreas Vollenveider
Fates Warning
L.A. Guns

After many years of living for the sound of great music, Marc started playing the drums in 1984 at 15 years old. His vision for The Walk began in 1990, when playing cover tunes in bars had finally run their course.
"Why can't the industry reward bands and composers who stretch the existing boundaries, rather than those who strive to emulate already successful acts? With the advent of project studios, band-created websites and file sharing, I believe that the industry that has controlled the flow of information for centuries will finally get a well-deserved dose of humility."
- Marc
Enjoys working on choppers and Corvettes, when out of the studio.

Best Concert Ever Attended:
Fates Warning, Queensryche and Dream Theater, Orlando, FL 2004.

Former Bands:
Street Legal, Crossroads, Militia, Cafe' Flesh, Paragon- and on and on...

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