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Jack Marsh - Guitars/Vocals
Randy Rhoads
Jake E. Lee
Vinnie Vincent
Fates Warning

Played guitar since 1990 or so. More of a ratchethead than a musician, but I do love the crunch of a wide-open Marshall stack!
"Of course everybody loved Jimi. But Randy Rhoads really opened my eyes to the beauty that can be created with an electric guitar. Very few players actually take the instrument beyond where they found it. Those guys make the world go around."
- Jack
Favorite Gear :
USA Jackson & Charvel Guitars, Old Marshall amplifiers cranked to 11, no effects.

Best Concert Ever Attended:
Ozzy w/Jake E. Lee and Motley Crue 1983.

Former Bands:
None worth mentioning.

Riding my scoot down A1A and tasting the ocean breeze.

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